With Compassion & Soul Inc.

Supporting Animals & Rainforests Globally

At the end of September 2017 (date to be finalised) we are having a Mega$5 and under sale to raise funds for animals.

It will be MEGA with 1000's of items, many new merchandise at very cheap prices and also lots of secondhand goods as well. This sale will be a great sale for not for profit orgs/charities to come to to stock up on raffle prizes or buy stock to resell and we are clearing out most of our stock at unbelievable prices. 

This sale will be in Adelaide somewhere (venue still to be determined) but you can help from anywhere in Australia by donating some goods for us to sell. These can be things you have cleared from your house, they can be gifts people have gifted to you which you do not want, they can be things you have collected from family & friends or maybe you are a small business or company who has product you would like to donate to our sale. We will have several collection points throughout SA, Vic & NSW for you to either drop goods off to or for you to mail to (please see details below). 

Donated goods from interstate will need to be goods which are smaller than a loaf of bread as the COLLECTION POINT HOSTS will be bundling together & couriering the goods to SA where the sale will be held so to keep postage costs down we need to have a size limit.  

If you wish to post goods directly to us please mail to 

With Compassion & Soul Inc. 15 Seabreeze Crescent, Maslin Beach SA 5170

We would LOVE things like 



small pictures

bric a brac





decorative items

craft stuff

kids toys(in good nic)

baby things

unwanted wedding or birthday presents

pieces of retro or nice fabrics

many other things you may have in drawers or lying around which we could sell

PLEASE do not DONATE the following ;

BOOKS (unless special & small)

CLOTHING (unless very special as they are too hard to sell)

SHOES or LARGER ITEMS (unless donating in SA)

CANDLES (unless new)


anything bulky (unless donating in SA)

TOOLS (too heavy)

DONATED BAKED GOODS : If you live in Adelaide and you would like to donate any preserves, bliss balls, cakes, biscuits, sweets or slices for our sale could you please email compassion@iinet.net.au so we can chat further about this. These can be dropped off to the sale on the day or pre arranged to be dropped off 1 or 2 days prior to the sale. A list of ingredients needs to be provided with each donation please. Preferably written on a label attached to the packaging. Thanks.



Please fb private message the appropriate collection point host below or send them an email to arrange drop off of goods. All goods need to be dropped off to the collection points by 10th Sept, 2017



Gawler - send fb PM to Jennifer Jobson - jennifer.nery@yahoo.com.au 

Strathalbyn - send fb PM to Brenda Francis - brendabellapositive@outlook.com 

Reynella - send fb PM to Dionita Briggs - dionita.briggs@hotmail.com

Maslin Beach - send fb PM to Bev Luff - compassion@iinet.net.au 



St Ives - send fb PM to  Kerrie Curran - kmcurran@optusnet.com.au

Neutral Bay - send fb PM to Kerrie Curran - kmcurran@optusnet.com.au

Lindfield - send fb PM to Andrea Jacobs - aj@seriousmedia.com.au



Centre Management, Warringal Shopping Centre , Heidelberg - send fb PM to Karen Knell - karen.knell@hotmail.com


STAY TUNED and we will let you know the date, time and location for this sale as soon as we can.