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Every now and then we will advertise a POP UP RAFFLE on our fb pages. Raffles will be short ones with one prize only. 

There will be a limited number of NUMBERS available. 

The smaller prizes the number costs $2 for 1 number or $10 for 6 numbers 

or larger prizes the number costs $5 or 5 numbers for $20

Before putting your name to a number you need to check through the numbers in the comments under the original POP UP RAFFLE post to see if the number you want is still available. If you request a number I will check that no one else has bought that number and I will confirm in the comments that number is yours. If I do not confirm that number is yours then it means it is already taken and I'll tell you to choose another. Only once I tell you "PLEASE PAY" should you click on one of the pay buttons below. All $ raised are helping to build an orangutan rehabilitation centre in Borneo. GOOD LUCK

Once all numbers are bought we will edit the orginal post and add the winners name and then mail out the item to the address on your paypal account. As we need to keep a good track of what numbers are bought by whom we will only accept payment via the buttons below.          This is a great little way you can make a small donation with a chance of winning the prize. 

Thank you.