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Make a 100% compassionate donation and let us choose where the need is greatest out of all the organisations we work with and projects we work on. Making a general donation like this shows us you have faith in the work we do and have trust in knowing we will use it where it is needed most at that point in time. Making a donation without expecting anything in return enables all of your donation to go to it's intended cause and is the most compassionate & altruistic type of donation. Thank you.


All COMPASSIONATE DONATION SHOP Butterfly Merchandise HELP CAN Borneo fight the Fires around them VILLA KITTY EARP HOCRU (Human Orangutan Conflict Rescue Unit ) TOPENG MONYET (Dancing Monkeys) Donation for CAN Borneo DONATE ON SITE MARKET PAYMENTS DESTROY AN OIL PALM, PLANT A RAINFOREST TREE POFCAP Development Donation for The Jungle Library Project MERCHANDISE Life Cycle Kits SHOP Butterfly Gift Card BADGES / PINS