With Compassion & Soul Inc.

Supporting Animals & Rainforests Globally


We realise that 'development' is probably the most un-sexy thing to donate too.

It is NOT cute and cuddly, it is NOT endangered nor does it need rescue or rehabilitation. However it is crucial in building the structure to support & protect rainforests in the long run and therefore help protect the cute and cuddly fauna and stunning, important flora which live in them. It is also crucial to all the tribes who live in and from the forest.

You will NOT receive an adoption certificate, or a plush toy, you will NOT have a tree planted for you, in fact, the only thing you will receive is the knowledge that you have helped to build a programme which WILL, eventually support, protect & contribute to rainforests, flora, fauna and people who rely on rainforests around the world. You will also receive our appreciation of the fact that you understand that supporting 'development' is as crucial as sponsoring an animal or planting a tree. Our team contributes 100's of volunteer hours each week to run this International Certification Trademark but we need funds to market this new certiifcation trademark to the world. We thank you for considering this worthy of donation.


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