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Stop Deforestation Project - PLEASE DONATE

CAN Borneo works to combat environmental crime, documenting and exposing cases related to deforestation and reporting to the authorities to be acted on together. CAN Borneo, together with the community, has direct confrontation to stop deforestation in their area. 90% of protected and non-protected wildlife live outside protected forest areas, the area that is the habitat of these wild animals is in the area of palm oil plantation and mining concessions. This has become a very serious threat to the survival of wildlife, deforestation will result in the loss of food sources and habitat for wildlife, which leads to many cases of wildlife such as orangutans entering farming land and village. This is make human and wildlife conflict around Kalimantan.

Forest protection campaigns and stop deforestation are expected to be able to build awareness of various parties to be able to take part in efforts to save the forest. Encouraging companies and governments to be more serious about environmental aspects in forest conversion activities. CAN Borneo also accompanies communities around the forest who still want to defend their forests by jointly mapping forest areas in their villages, hoping that together with the community they can raise the status of these forests to village forests so as to avoid the entry of forest conversion permits.

CAN Borneo confronts the company to stop activities that are destroying the forest, the goal is that during the complaint process, no forest will be destroyed so that it is possible to save more forest when the complaint process is over


Preserve ecosystems and biodiversity equitably through efforts to implement and promote the best conservation practices based on traditional wisdom. Build partnerships with the community and work with the government and the private sector to build conservation activities based on improving the economy of communities around the forest. Increasing human resources, around the forest with education and awareness activities. Build and run tourism activities based on environmental concerns. Conduct a campaign to stop deforestation to save forests and endangered species.


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