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FAUX FUR CARERS APRON for Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOSF)


This apron plus a fur cot mattress cover will be sent to

3. Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation 2 rehab centres Nyaru Menteng or Samboja Lestari (BOSF) in Borneo  http://orangutan.or.id/ ;

They will receive an fur apron and fur cot cover with a card form you with your name on and your name will also be written on the back of the apron and cot cover.

Perhaps you may like to buy this for your family or even dedicate it to someone you love or have loved.

Thank you for caring not only does your donation send the carers apron and cot cover but your donation also is used to help orangutans in other ways so you get twice the value for your donation.

please write the full name or names you wish to appear on the card and back of apron

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