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"Hello, my name is Pungky Nanda Pratama. Since graduating with a degree in Aquaculture at the University of Diponegoro I have been involved in conservation. My home – Indonesia – is a paradise of mega biodiversity. My home, however, is changing...


Illegal logging, poaching and illegal plantations are tearing at the green heart of Indonesia. Wild animals that sneak into plantations are sold into the illegal pet trade, kept as illegal pets in bad conditions or – worse – killed on site. Faced with new costs for education, motorbikes and electricity, indigenous people living on the border of Indonesia’s national parks are increasingly forced to cut and sell their natural wealth.


When children grow up with this, it becomes the norm.


We are raising funds for our environmental education programme.Sometimes I walk for 7 hours to reach a remote Rainforest village in order to educate the vllage children and teach them the importance of keeping Rianforests, about Rainforests and caring for the Rainforests.


If we don't educate the children then the Rainforest has no chance. The Sumatran rainforest needs your help! Whatever you can donate we would appreciate. Thank you. "


Here is a short video on Pungy's work with The Jungle Library Project https://vimeo.com/245427912

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