With Compassion & Soul Inc.

Supporting Animals & Rainforests Globally


If you like the work we do for animals and would like to make regular monthly donations to help us. You can now choose to set up a Direct Deposit Monthly Donation to go into the With Compassion & Soul bank account.  

All you need to do is contact your bank either online or at a branch and set up a specific donation amount to be deposited into the With Compassion & Soul bank account.  You can arrange that yourself online via your account or if you don't do online banking you can physically go into your branch and get them to do it. Then the monthly amount you have nominated will automatically be deposited into our account each month. You can start, pause or stop this at anytime.

We prefer the transaction to occur this way around rather than us performing a direct credit from your account monthly as this way you have total control of when you start the monthly donations and stop the monthly donations. 

The information you will require from us is the following ;

NAME OF ACCOUNT : With Compassion & Soul Inc.

NAME OF BANK & BRANCH : Beyond Bank Australia Seaford, South Australia

BSB NUMBER : 325 185


Then once you have set it up, if you could just send us an email to compassion@iinet.net.au to let us know to start looking out for it and to record you on the Monthly Donator spreadsheet that would be fabulous thank you. 

We hope this option will work well for you. Thank you.