With Compassion & Soul Inc.

Supporting Animals & Rainforests Globally


None of us like to think about the time we will no longer be here but thinking about it now can leave a lasting legacy that will contribute to providing programs that continue to help Animals Globally long after you are gone.  

To include With Compassion & Soul Incorporated in your Will, you could include one of the following:

I give, free of all duties and taxes (choose from the following)

the whole of my estate (or___________% of my estate),

or the residue of my estate (or____% of the residue of my estate)

the sum of $___________,

my units/shares in_____________Trust/Ltd

my real property (or ____ % of my property) situated at (address) having the title reference _____________________

the proceeds from the sale of __________ *as liquidated by the executor of the estate* sale of a specific item such as artwork, jewellery etc

Life insurance policy no. ______________________ held by __________________

to With Compassion & Soul Incorporated (ABN: 96 847 441 966) (email us to compassion@iinet.net.au for our address). The receipt of the treasurer, secretary or public officer for the time being of With Compassion & Soul Incorporated is an absolute discharge to my executor.

Without creating a binding obligation on my executor or With Compassion & Soul Incorporated , I request that the association use this bequest for purpose of projects which make the world a better place for animals and I request the association to use these funds if at all practicable for this purpose or the purpose in its absolute discretion which most closely matches this purpose and failing that for the general purposes of With Compassion & Soul Incorporated.

We suggest you discuss this with your legal advisor and notify your family members.

Updating your will to add a bequest

You don't need to make a new Will to make a bequest. You can add a clause known as a codicil to include With Compassion & Soul Incorporated as a beneficiary. A codicil;

  • Must be signed and witnessed by two people in the same way as a Will
  • Should be kept with the Will and should make clear that it refers to the Will it alters

We suggest you discuss this with your legal advisor and notify your family members.

Should you need our bank account details ;

NAME OF ACCOUNT : With Compassion & Soul Inc.

NAME OF BANK & BRANCH : Beyond Bank Australia Seaford, South Australia

BSB NUMBER : 325 185


Thank you for reading & considering this sensitive issue to help animals in the future.