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The Orangutan Information Centre (OIC) has been pioneering a forest restoration program on degraded lands in the Langkat district of North Sumatra since 2008. Over 500 hectares of High Conservation Value forest, forming part of the globally significant Leuser Eco-system, was illegally cleared by palm oil companies. To date, they have replanted about 500 hectares of forest inside Gunung Leuser National Park, with more than 500,000 seedlings of 97 indigenous tree species. 
After Palm Oil Trees are removed and the land cleared each hectare of land is planted with approximately 1,100 seedlings of 20-30 different tree species, with an initial priority of planting fast-growing pioneer species in order to ‘recapture’ the forest canopy. This is a vital component of the regeneration process, with the emerging canopy cover providing crucial shade to out-compete the aggressive and fire-prone ‘Blady Grass’ (Imperata cylindrica). Falling leaves and twigs quickly revitalize the degraded soil biota, as a host of underground microbial activity soon create the ideal conditions for new forest seedlings to take root. As pioneer species begin to fruit, ‘seed-dispersing’ rainforest birds and mammals are attracted to the new food source within the emerging forest, bringing with them seed from plants they’ve consumed, diversifying the regeneration of the entire ecological community. 
Panut Hadisiswoyo /Director of OIC took me to see each of the 3 reforestation sites in Sumatra each one in various stages of growth, the first planted 8 yrs ago already having wild orangutans visiting for supplementary food from. The reforestation projects and plant nursery are quite astounding and very successful.
When you donate to either destroy an oil palm or plant a rainforest tree you will be emailed a thank you certificate like the below.