With Compassion & Soul Inc.

Supporting Animals & Rainforests Globally

Set Up An Auto Direct Credit
to help with Orangutan Rescues and Projects

We are constantly thinking of ways to help orangutans, we often have several projects on the go and always like to have funds on hand for those emergency rescues. You can help by setting up a direct credit with your bank into our account of $5 a week. 

If you think that is something you could do please read on. 

Step 1) email us at compassion@iinet.net.au and we will chat further with you about this and let you know what information we need at our end

Step 2) After talking with us please proceed to set up the weekly transfer with you bank, please use your last name & the word OuPro as the reference or description (if it allows or just your last name if that is all it allows) so we know who the transfer is from. Our bank details are below.

Step 3) shoot us a quick email to say what date the direct transfers start from & we can then add you to our list & look for your first installment in our account to check it is all working correctly.

Below are our bank details, if you need any other information please email 

us at compassion@iinet.net.au   

At the end of the financial year will email you a receipt for the 

full amount of $260 (52 weeks x $5). 

We hope you will consider this easy way of supporting the work we do for orangutans

Thank you

NAME OF ACCOUNT : With Compassion & Soul Inc.

NAME OF BANK & BRANCH : Beyond Bank Australia Seaford, South Australia

BSB NUMBER : 325 185