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Enrichment Angel's Rescues & Projects

Enrichment Angel's Rescues & Projects (EARP)

A joint project between With Compassion & Soul 

& various Indonesian organisations working to improve the lives of Captive Animals including The Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP), Orangutan Information Centre (OIC), Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN), Indonesian Species Conservation Programme (ISCP) and other organisations. 

There are many captive animals in zoos, parks & villages (illegally kept as pets or being exploited for income) in Indonesia who may be incarcerated for decades and never be released to the wild. Many of these animals are given no structural enrichment, correct nourishment or food enrichment & their keepers/owners have very little animal husbandry skills (animal keepers are one of the lowest paid jobs with low status that you can have in Indonesia).            These are the forgotten ones. 

These animals experience daily trauma, depression malnutrition & boredom, and will suffer years in captivity in sub-standard conditions for the rest of their lives. 

EARP aims to find these forgotten ones and change their lives for the better one by one. If they can be rescued and released then that is the first option if they can't be removed from where they are then we want to be able to make their lives a little more stimulating and give their keepers training to enrich their daily lives. 

You can help by visiting our webstore and making a donation so that when we come across another animal needing our help we have the funds ready to help them. 

Funds are also used to help with Disaster Animal Emergencies  



'Topeng Monyet' (Dancing Monkey Project) (JAAN) 2012 / 2013

Poster for Locals to Report illegally kept orangutans (COP) 2012

Supporting the Ape Warrior Team (COP) 2012

Educational Puppets(COP)

Disaster Relief Mt Merupi (COP)

Rani's Rescue(COP)

Jacky's Project, Bali Zoo, Indonesia (COP) 2012

The Sumatra Mission, Indonesia (COP) 2012

Disaster relief Mt Kelud, Indonesia (COP) 2012

Disaster Relief Mt Sinabang, Indonesia (COP) 2012

Solo Quarantine Cages, Java, Indonesia (COP) 2013

Renovation, Solo Zoo, Java, Indonesia (COP) 2013

Kirno's Rescue & Kirno's island, Java, Indonesia (COP) 2013

Baby's Rescue and Island Release,  Java, Indonesia (COP) 2013

Matan's Rescue (COP) 2013

Vet Supplies for Solo Zoo (COP) 2013

Johnny the Sunbears Translocation (COP) 2013

Samarinda Wall Extension (COP)2013

'Topeng Monyet' (Dancing Monkey Project) (JAAN) 2014

Kirno's Fence, Java, Indonesia (COP) 2014

Building Monitoring Station for Reforestation Programme(OIC) 2014

Malang Cat Shelter Rent (AI)2014

Building an Orangutan Rescue Centre COP Borneo, Nth East Kalimantan (COP)2014

Fundraising Lecture & Workshop, Orangufriends Jamboree (COP)2014

Illegal Wildlife Trader Raid, Bandung, West Java (COP) 2015

Assist Animals Indonesia start up (AI) 2015

Building an Orangutan Rescue Centre COP Borneo, Nth East Kalimantan (COP)2015

Assist OIC to persuade Medan Zoo to relinquish PONGKY over to SOCP (OIC) 2016

Building Slow Loris Rehab Centre, Sumatra (ISCP) 2016/2017

Building an Orangutan Rescue Centre COP Borneo, Nth East Kalimantan (COP)2016

  Building an Orangutan Rescue Centre COP Borneo, Nth East Kalimantan (COP)2017

Raise funds to assist OIC's project to build orangutan enclosure at Medan Zoo (OIC) 2017