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Into One Project 1996 - 1998

The Into One Video Clip

Producers : Bev Luff & Mel Watson

Into One written by : Mel Watson & David Jacquiar

The Into One Project

In 1997/8 Bev Luff and Mel Watson designed a project called The Into One Project. The project produced a CD, a video clip to go with the title song see above, a Huge Concert and a Animal Celebration Festival Day which the legendary Peter Singer & the talented Lynda Stoner opened for us.

Over 150 artists, crew and volunteers were involved. All the proceeds went to Animal Liberation SA and IFAW. Outstanding music from South Australian Musicians can be heard on this CD including Fruit, Sia Furler, Big Things Flying, Dya Singh, Sam Lohs & Adam Budgen, Susie Keynes, Andrea Rienetts, Heather Frahn, Steve Lennox and The Borderers, and of course Mel Watson - see webstore to purchase a copy.

The Into One Project won 4 Australian Awards.

Most Outstanding Video 1997 SA Music Industry Association

Industry Achievement Award 1997 SA Music Industray Association

Queen's trust Award for young Australians. 1997.

and Mel Watson was nominated for Semi finalist for The Young Australian of the Year award. 1998.

The greatest rewards were the number of people who chose to become vegetarians or vegans after being a part of this project and continue to do so to this day and the love and involvement by a very creative local music community

What a wonderful thing.

Mel Watson and Bev Luff continue to work for animal and human rights globally