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Supporting Animals & Rainforests Globally

With Compassion & Soul have been supporting ISCP over the last few years, currently we are helping them t build and operate a Slow Loris, Pangolin & other Wildlife Rehab Centre in Sumatra.  ISCP (Indonesia Species Conservation Program) is an independent, non-profit organisation who work hard to protect and rescue a wide variety of protected and endangered wildlife species.  
It is often hard for these small NGOs to raise funds amongst the poor communities they live in so we like to help spread their needs to the wider community and to our wonderful supporting community of rainforest & animal lovers. We have been helping them build a rehabilitation centre for the Slow Loris they rescue in Sumatra and we are slowly getting there. The Slow Loris which are not able to be released will be looked after for the rest of their life.

Slow Loris are listed as either ‘Endangered’ or ‘Vulnerable’ due to loss of habitat , the illegal wildlife trade, desirability as ‘cute’ pets & ill-founded traditional medicine beliefs

Popular ‘CUTE’ videos of Slow Loris on You Tube have not helped the animal’s plight either. If a baby is not with its’ mother it will most likely have been stolen from her at the time of her slaughter.

Captured Slow Loris endure horrific conditions.

They have a toxic bite so their teeth are pulled out without anaesthetic causing acute pain and leaving them open to infection and disease. Over time captive Slow Lorises also lose their natural toxicity which also makes them vulnerable to disease and infection.

The Steps Project

There are no existing rehabilitation centres in North Sumatra specifically set up to take Slow Loris so ISCP have been building a very humble one. ISCP also rescue other wildlife as well and we know that this new centre will rescue and rehabilitate many different species over years to come.
This Stairway to Slow Loris Heaven fundraising campaign was specifically raising funds to build stairs from the road at the top of the steep mountainous area to the centre itself and then steps also leading to the slow loris cages. If you look at the photos you will see that the landscape is so steep and dangerous and of course like all good rainforests…very wet and slippery. 170 stairs are needed to make it safer to transport the animals to the centre and make it safe for the ISCP staff as it can be quite treacherous. We know that stairs are not a very ‘sexy’ things to raise funds for but ultimately these steps at the Slow Lori Rehab Centre will make it much safer for the animals and staff and are needed. Plus we hope to use this centre for avid bird watchers, wildlife researchers and volunteers who may like to come and help at the centre once it is up & running.

The steps are now built so the next thing we are raising funds for is some medical equipment and supplies. You can help by making a donation here