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1 bar of palm oil free soap
1 box of washing soda
1 box of borax
A 20litre bucket with a lid 
 11 litres of tap water 
A big spoon to stir the mixture with 
A measuring cup 
 A knife

Step One: Put about four cups of water into a pan on your stove and turn the heat up on high until it’s almost boiling. 
While you’re waiting, whip out a knife and start shaving strips off of the bar of soap into the water, or you could course grate it. 
Keep the heat below a boil and keep shaving the soap. 
Eventually, you’ll shave up the whole bar, then stir the hot water until the soap is dissolved and you have some highly soapy water.

Step Two: Put 11 litres of hot water into the bucket. 
Then mix in the hot soapy water from step one, stir it for a while, then add a cup of the washing soda. 
Keep stirring it for another minute or two, then add a half cup of borax. 
Stir for another couple of minutes, then let the stuff sit overnight to cool, and you’re done.

When you wake up in the morning, you’ll have a bucket of gelatinous slime which is a paler shade of the soap that you used. Using a stick blender whip it up for ease of use and better dissolving power.
One measuring cup full of this whipped slime will be roughly what you need to do a load of laundry – and the ingredients are basically the same 
as laundry detergent. 
Makes about 45 cups(45 washes)