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This International Palm Oil Free Certification Accreditation Programme and International Palm Oil Free Certification Trademark is the 1st of it's kind in the world and is a non profit service. 100% of profits from the application & license fees will be directed back into campaigns which seek to save & restore rainforests, and make the world a better place for animals. See our partner orgs here 

 The POF CTM (palm oil free certification trademark) is an independent certification run by a team who have been involved with researching palm oil ingredients since 2009 and who want to use their knowledge to help companies and consumers make ethical choices.

The baby orangutan featured on the Certification Trademark is JABRICK. This Certification Trademark is dedicated to her and the thousands of fauna who have lost their lives due to deforestation and habitat destruction. RIP JABRICK. You live on through this Certification Trademark, we will never forget you. See full story here 

1. Companies apply to have their product/products certified. 
2. After an extensive & thorough research of their product ingredients by our Palm Oil Free Certification Assessment Team if they are deemed to be free from palm oil or palm oil derivatives they will receive certification on the products contained within their application. 
3. If Certification is approved the company can then apply for a license to use the Palm Oil Free Certification Trademark on the product/products contained in their application. 
4. The company/products are assessed Triennially and if successful renewed for a further 3 years. 5. If after researching the ingredients of a product POFCAP is not 100% satisfied that we will not certify that product. The final decision rests with POFCAP

For further information please see the POFCAP project website www.palmoilfreecertification.org and if you are interested in applying for certification please click here