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Palm Oil plantation owners destroy virgin rainforest rather than use already degraded land to plant on because they want to make money from selling the old growth trees to the paper pulp & furniture industries. Sometimes they use the money to then set up their palm oil plantation and sometimes they don’t even plant on the land they have destroyed…they just wanted the mega money gained from felling virgin or secondary rainforest trees.

Please think about using 100% recycled paper products or products using tree from certified tree plantations or more sustainable resources like sugar cane, bamboo and other mulch. Please think about recycling everything possible.


Scrunchable Plastic : if plastic can be scrunched up in your hand the it can be collected and put in a REDcycle collection bin & dropped off to 530 Coles stores and 100 Woolworths stores around Australia for recycling into park benches and play equipment!   

Examples of acceptable plastics include:
•Bread, pasta and rice bags  •Cereal box liners  •Biscuit packets  •Frozen food bags  •Ice cream wrappers  •Squeeze pouches  •Plastic sachets  •Bubble wrap  •Cling wrap  •Chocolate and muesli bar wrappers  •Silver-lined chip and cracker packets  •Confectionery bags  •Fresh produce bags  •Netting citrus bags  •Polypropylene bags  •Plastic film from grocery items like nappies and toilet paper  •Courier satchels  •Newspaper and magazine wrap  •Sturdy pet food bags  •Plastic bags from boutique/department stores  •Large sheets of plastic that furniture comes wrapped in (cut into pieces the size of an A3 sheet of paper first)

Purchase 100% recycled tissues, kitchen towel & toilet paper :  http://au.whogivesacrap.org  they also give back and give a crap so to speak!  50% of their profit is donated to Wateraid to build toilets in developing countries. 

Recycle your batteries : drop them off at Aldi   Battery World 

Mobile phone batteries :  Mobile phones and mobile phone batteries are recycled through the MobileMuster program. They can be dropped off at over 3,500 participating retail stores and local council facilities or returned in a reply paid envelope. Click here for details.


More and more cosmetics contain microbeads, tiny plastic beads. These microplastics are a hazard to our environment. It can be hard to determine if a product contains these microbeads. The North Sea Foundation (Stichting de Noordzee) and the Plastic Soup Foundation have developed an App to easily check if a product contains microbeads. With this App you can check if a product contains microbeads by just scanning the barcode with your smartphone camera. This new version of the App recognizes many more products and has localised product listings. New countries are continuously added, so chances are that your country is included or will be included soon. Beat the Microbead is now a truly worldwide campaign!  : Beat the Micro Bead Phone App

List of Products which contain micro beads





NZ List 1 NZ List 2

UK List 1 UK List 2

USA List 1 USA List 2


OFFICE PAPERLink to 100% Recycled Office Paper, certified plantation timber office paper Or office paper made from other more sustainable resources 

All supermarkets stock at least one 100% recycled toilet paper product & kitchen towel product

For 100% recycled office paper or tissues please see links above.


Try to infuse your life and living with thought & care. Reduce the amount of things you buy which are not necessary. Reduce the amount of plastic you have in your home. If buying wood or wooden items such as furniture, check where it has come from and only buy if it has come from a certified plantation, is second hand or is made from free fallen timber.  Try to replace all the paper products you buy with recycled paper products eg kitchen towels, tissues, toilet paper, office paper etc. All of these things help save the rainforest. 

Plastic Shopping Bags - We hope by now you have material shopping bags in your car so that you always have them on hand so you dont have to use the plastic ones the supermarkets provide. Even though they are meant to be biodegradable there are 2 types. 1) biodegradable take up to 6 months to biodegrade if composted and 2) degradable takes ups to 5yrs to breakdown but not to be composted. I know only a few of you could do this but this is a GREAT idea of how to re use plastic bags

There is a video to the right which shows you how to store all those plastic bags that you wish to re-use for very easy use and minimal space. It is only 30secs long. >>>>