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If you ever need temporary care for your Dog in a home away from home then please message me. I offer fur companion care in my home for labradors specifically but, will care for all breeds as long as they are big softies and extremely dog friendly and socialised. They are treated as if they are my own when they stay with me. I work from home so am with them most of the time and receive constant attention, talking to and love. They are allowed to lay on the couch and if they wish, sleep on my bed. 

I have had labs and lab x's all of my life until my last girl passed 2yrs ago. They get walked daily, often down the beach as I am situated at the beach. They get walked twice daily if they need Doggy Bootcamp which I also offer for those little beings who need to shed a few kilos while you are gone. I post photos on fb so that your fur kid's family can see what they are getting up to.

If you think you may need this service please keep my name on file somewhere - my email is compassion@iinet.net.au

I am happy for you to come and check out my home and garden so that your fur companion can meet me and even meet the lovely lab I have each week on a regular basis.  I also do doggy day care. I am also happy to have a chat with you via messenger or phone if you have any questions. 

You can also see the not for profit I founded and have Directed for the last 17yrs called With Compassion & Soul if you have a look at the rest of the website. You will see I am an all round animal lover and protector.  Thanks. xxbev