With Compassion & Soul Inc.

Supporting Animals & Rainforests Globally


Thank you to the following compassionate people who continually help me to raise funds for With Compassion & Soul, it is lovely to share this journey with you.

sharon hutchings

trudy seidel

dionita briggs

debra payne

narelle odwyer

carole mcfaul

kim & pat wilkinson

jennifer jobson

andrea jacobs

kerrie curran

debra mineely

karen knell

janelle tuero

brenda francis

shirley warner

bronwyn griffith

lukey farren

tamika jade & jayden, jake, jameson & jaylan

tara kinniburgh

Also a big thanks to these people for helping out whether you have helped at a stall, helped make, wrap & price merchandise, share our posts regularly, shared our campaigns, and supported in many other ways

deb & marc / MAD Promo

angela swan

jon la forgia

maureen knights

cheri george

amanda mckenna

wendy scales

bijou po

karen o'regan

terri curtis

linda young

silvy sutanto

jodie maynard

kathi thomas

michelle desilets

jeanie abbott

patty shenker

kim beard

nicole butterfield

liza careless

mel kiddle

mel watson

cathy audley

dianna debnar

di & phil cornelius